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11 March 2008 @ 10:16 pm
8 Bajillion Years later  
I finally get around to writing another post.


I like my job.  I'm a research analyst consulting for DHS in the Nuclear Sector Specific Agency.  I don't know much about nukes, so much of the past three months have been a crash course in the industry.  But its going well, I'm learning a lot and the job is interesting.  I finally got my DHS badge this week, meaning my suitability clearance went through and I can now go to the bathroom without being escorted (awkward...)  Its just annoying wearing suits every day, and hiding my piercing.  Oh well, I work for a company that I can be proud of (the primary thing is renewable and green energy consulting for DOE) in an area I'm cool with (keeping nuclear power plants, research reactors, and radioisotopes nice and terrorist free), which can be hard in this town.

I'm a blue belt now, just tested in last week, which means i get to play with nunchuks in addition to my bo staff.  I also learned the first bit of "Giant Bird Spreads its Wings" last night, which means i can barely move because of all the leaping around.  Soccer season starts soon, but this season I'm only doing part time.  With the new job where overtime is the norm (hello Crackberry) plus kung fu, i'd like to keep my saturday mornings.  That, and they never let me out of the goal.  At least we are still in division two though.

I'm still meeting with Gwen to practice Russian.. mine has gotten so much worse, so its good to keep it up.  It was funny, we were in a little crepe place chatting about things that girls don't usually chat about in Russian, and I completely blanked on the word Shoe (i know, right?), and someone behind us gently reminded me.  He laughed, and apologized, saying it was the funniest dinner conversation he had ever heard.  You have to be careful i guess, you never know when someone speaks your language.

Uhhh... so that's about it.  I've been to NY recently with the Mary and the Tim for an awesome visit with the Miksic (whom we all miss dearly), i went to Maine for president's day weekend, and went home to hang out with my grandmom (where a truck sent a piece of salt to chip my windshield AND my car got backed into within the space of an hour)

But alas, i no longer have the time to post here at work, so no more long winded rants on feminism.  Aren't you lucky.  But some plugs for blogs I've become addicted to:

Jezebel (feminism and pop culture)
Io9 (sci fi blog

and of course, if you don't already read it, add Benefit of the Doubt (blogspot) to your list of reads.  You won't be disappointed.
(shameless Miksician plug ends there)